Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A lot of posts have been devoted to Jcrew items in general, some are a win and some not so much. This pant creation from Jcrew is simply FABULOUS. I own 3 different types of Minnie pants: strech twill in black, bi-stretch wool in grey and italian wool in black. I love them all. They are always THE pants to go to for me, somehow they look good with everything and I came to reallize that it is because of a great fit. These minnie pants in wool are particularly dear to me because of the ankle zippers! I just LOVE ankle zippers on pants, zippers on sleeves of jackets (last year's tweed motorcycle style jacket from Jcrew with zippers on sleeves and pockets is still my all time favorite!).

Jcrew describes it as a very slim pant woven in two-stretch wool from Italy, with a  cropped vintage style, just above the ankle, with zipper detailing. Italian wool/Lycra® spandex. Belt loops. Back zip. Nonfunctional back welt pockets. Part of J.Crew Collection. 27" inseam.
They fit true to size and meant to be worn fitted. The look is very polished and slick. They work well with heels and flats alike because of their cropped length. The fabric is amazing! It is sort of a combination of twill and wool, feels slightly thicker than the bi-stretch wool Minnies and lighter than stretch twill ones. The pants fit true to size creating a very nice fitted look that looks great paired with airy blouses on top as well as with fitted sweaters and/or classic button down shirts. I love a tailored masculine look overall and this pair of Minnie pants create just that look I always crave. And just like another blogger I follow said: "The Minnie is genius", check out her blog which I LOVE to follow for some great reviews of Jcrew, New York and restaurants.

Awesome job Jcrew on this one! Thank you!

Pictures of my outfit ideas wearing this pair of Minnies will be coming up shortly...Sorry ladies, I have to wait for my hubby to come home from work to snap these pics of me, I just realized I don't have not one full size mirrow in my whole house...crazy! Oh wait, but I do have a whole gym room in the basement with mirrows wall to wall, ceiling to floor but then again who wants to go there, would feel guilty and will have to work out...hmm it's OK 6pm doesn't seam that far away =)))))))

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