Saturday, October 29, 2011


 There was a Jcrew City Mini skirt in bright dahlia, well made from a soft wool flannel with accordion pleats at the waist in bright color to add a "color punch" to any outfit. In my opinion, because this skirt is in a statement making color everything else paired with it should be toned down leaving the skirt in the center of attention it craves.
It couldn't decide if it wanted to be dressed up or down. Here I tried a few outfit options to dress it down but to still look well put together sort of something I would wear for a kid's birthday party to attend with my 4 year old. I want to look comfortable and be able to move around after my daughter and yet still to look "fashionable". I paired this skirt with a black Sonia Rykiel sweater, black tights and Chanel patent leather flats.
Then, the skirt wanted to dress up a bit. I added a sparkling necklace, black pleated collar and cuffs  Jcrew shirt (2009) and black classic Christian Louboutin pumps.

And same look but maybe trying it with a skinny belt  to add a "center"


jcrewJR said...

Does the skirt comes in different colors?

Jcrewobsession said...

Yes, it actually comes in quiet a lot of different colors, I was looking for a "punchy" color to spice up my wardrobe especially when it comes to bottoms. Its mostly jeans, greys and blacks.