Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OK, so I've finally saw these at a store today and promised to give a review. Here it is. Well, I don't even know where to begin. I personally didn't like them at all. It seams very confusing to me to make a pant out of a stretchy cotton "sweat pants" material. They have a shape of something between leggings and a skinny pant. The material, as I mentioned before, is like sweat pants. And, to top everything off, there is that ugly zipper in the back that is out in the open. What was the idea behind that? I love J.Crew but even I can't find anything to like about these. If you want a slim legging then J.Crew just came out with leggings in a tight opaque material (size down they run big): New Women's Loungewear - New Women's Beach Clothes, Beach Cover-Ups & Tops - J.Crew or if you want a slim skinny pant then read my post before on Minnie pant (those are awesome): New Women's Pants - New Women's Linen Pants, Khakis, New Chinos & Jeans - J.Crew

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Sofia said...

I have to add that these pants remind me of horse riding pants bc they also have Jodhpur yoke detail along inside knee (extra patches on the inside knee part of the pant. You can see that closer on J.crew.com online if you do close up of the blue color pant that shows clearer. I'm not a fan of that. I guess they'll be great for someone looking for a pant b/w leggings and sweat pants.