Thursday, July 30, 2009

New color on ICON TRENCH????

Has anyone noticed the color difference on the Icon Trench in light khaki color? The trench coat is online for awhile now but I just noticed that the same light khaki color looks completely different in pictures online. The picture on the left is the previous version and the picture on the right has just been added. So has the color been updated??? I emailed J.crew and will keep you posted once I hear back from them.


Sofia said...

This is the comment from J.crew PS: "The Icon Trench (item #11210) is one of our great J.Crew outerwear items that has been redesigned to look extra sleek and modern. When discussing the available colors at this time, there is only one light khaki color. The difference in tone may be caused by different types and angles of lighting while photographing our items. I am enclosing a photo of the light khaki color we are currently offering."

ShuLvr said...

Saw your post on JCA. I like the look of this trench and may actually buy it in the black. I found the lighter shade more appealing. If it's truly the same shade IRL then I've already seen it and don't like it. Something is too green or yellow for my complexion. So I may go with the black or maybe a Burberry instead. But this looks like a nice classic for much less.

Thanks for the info. Nice blog. :)