Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I went into the store to look at the new Lexi Tote and walked out with this gorgeous patent leather tote for only $150 as compared to $325 for Lexi. It doesn't seam to be available online yet and it's not in the new August catalog!!! I really feel special having it!!! I love it! It's exact same style as a Lexi tote but made out of crinkled patent leather, available in black and silverish leather (or at least that's what I spotted at the Rockefeller center store NYC). Inside it has a separate zipper compartment, a cell phone compartment and a side pocket. On the outside it has a side zipper pocket for convenience. It is not bulky at all and really fits a lot of things. Lately, I have a need to carry everything with me at all times and this bag is perfect for that. It fits nicely and comfortably on a shoulder (no extra shoulder strap) and the handles are wide enough to fit over the shoulder.

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