Saturday, August 8, 2009


I would like to thank everyone who participated in my survey to help me make a choice for fall shoes! Thanks, you guys ROCK!
I was going to set my mind on the ruffle suede pair until I came across this picture online...You can be sure that I know every J.Crew catalog by heart (I go through it at least once a day! Oh yes, I'm very serious!), so that said I KNOW I didn't see these ankle boots in the fall August catalog and they are nowhere to be found on the, except for a few pics with models wearing them to promote listings for tights...So, after further research I finally spotted them!!! They are under J.Crew Collection section and known as METROPOLITAN SUEDE ANKLE BOOTS $250 (so far I've seen them in ivory and black) available in SEPTEMBER!!!!
I can tell you this much...they have MY NAME ON THEM!!!!!! Or like my daughter would say: "This!Mine!"


Anonymous said...

What kind of outfits would you recommend wearing w/ them? Can they be worn with jeans or only skirts?

Sofia said...

You have to rock these ankle boots so pair them with tights and flannel wool shorts (the latest fashion in Paris) or you can wear them with jeans rolled up slightly! Have fun!