Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I visited J.Crew store today on 5th Avenue and even before I stepped inside my heart started beating fast and I was smitten away by the "love affair" in the window display. Manicens set up in the new Fall collection items in gorgeous colors and fabrics. Once you walk inside the store you are welcomed by a centerpiece hanging off the ceiling with floating leaves cut out of pages from a book. Everything reminds you that fall is almost here, the days will get shorter and the nights longer. Time to get a fabulous book to read or to write your own on a old typewriter or even better to compose poetry of love. I'm not sadden at all that summer is almost over because the best is yet to come....Let your love affair begin...
Ok, with that said, the store had a LOT of new fall arrivals in. All possible cardigans and sweaters that are featured online. This store in particular has a nice jeans section set up to find a perfect pair for anyone. I managed to fall for that and ended up buying a dark wash pair of matchstick slim fit jeans (my favorite). Nice selection of cashmere sweaters in lots of colors. And best of all - jewelry! A new necklace caught my attention: a Siren necklace in soft graphite $58, it's one more item to add to my wish list!

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