Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here are the latest FALL picks from Jenna Lyons. I like that this email invitation also lets you "Meet Jenna" where it talks about her current styling obsessions. Some choices I agree with Jenna like the #10 tweed pencil skirt and #8 t-strap suede shoes with a patent leather heel, #3 leather gloves with ruffle edge (adorable!!! my personal must have). I don't like however the bold gold ring #6 and #1 stretch flannel top. I saw this top at a store and couldn't figure it out. The material is sooo thick that it almost looks like a jacket but then its a pullover and sleeves are 3/4 length making it a sweater-like top but I just can't picture anyone wearing it without a shirt underneath and then it just becomes too many things on and making you too hot... basically I would be waiting to rip it off immediately!!!! This top is definitely a NO-NO for me!!
That said, we get an offer for a free shipping on orders over $150 with a code NEWFALL. Finally some kind of a break, even though I'll hold off on this one for now!

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