Thursday, May 14, 2009

JENNA LYONS (cookie web exclusive)

***Inside Lyons' elegant apartment in New York

Cookie Sheet Web exclusive:
Jenna Lyons
As creative director and fashion visionary for J. Crew, Jenna Lyons just gets it. Thanks to her, the brand's classic styles have been updated with innovative twists—sequins, ribbons, and funky patterns—that drive women, including the new first lady, wild.
By Lexy Schmertz

Jenna lives in New York City with her husband, artist Vincent Mazeau, and their son, Beckett Lyons Mazeau, 2.

Here Jenna answers a few questions for us:

What about your children makes you laugh?The way Beckett runs straight up and down with a little forward thrust—it's hysterical. The way he gets obsessed with something for three weeks. And the way he says, "That's amazing."
What is your favorite family ritual? Saturday morning disco dancing.
What was your most frazzled mom moment? Pumping in random places all dressed up and overly emotional!
What parenting issue do you and your partner disagree most about? Spoiling Beckett at bedtime—I want to cuddle with him all the time and stay with him until he falls asleep. Daddy wants him to be a big boy and fall asleep on his own.
What is your parenting role: good cop or bad cop?Good, cuddly, soft, spoiling, kissing cop.
What do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about? How, before long, he will want his friends more than me! How, soon, he'll want his own apartment, college, driver's license, teenage drinking—I might be a bit of a worrier....
What do you wish you had done before you had children?Had them earlier!
What is a typical Saturday morning in your house like?Scottish pizza, disco, the farmers' market, the playground. Pretty much every weekend, in that order.
What was your mom most right about? More things than I care to admit. Biggest one: "Save your money!"
What's your...
...guiltiest pleasure?Shoes.
...ideal getaway?Anyplace where my BlackBerry doesn't work!
...favorite clothing item? They are all my children—I cannot choose.
...current reading material?The four-month-old stack of New Yorkers by the bed.
What's your preference...
...chocolate or cheese?There is no "or." Life is not worth living without both.
...cook at home or eat takeout?Home!! The "Stumps Smoker" is my favorite backyard restaurant; my husband is the master BBQ-er.
...coddle your tot or let him cry it out?Coddle, cuddle, kiss. I know I'm going to make him a big softy. Thank God Daddy's not a mush.

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