Friday, September 18, 2009

New OCTOBER catalog

I am excited about the newest October catalog. Not too many new items added but I'm always excited to check out new outfit ideas and to see how Jcrew stylists dress models up. I love to see the layering of cardigans and accessories in Jcrew catalogs, they really take it to the extreme. I mean seriously when are you going to see girls walking around in a long sleeve cotton tee, under a button down shirt, under a long cardigan, under a pullover sweater, tightened by at least 3 to 4 mixed belts, accessorized with 3 bracelets, a watch, a minimum of 5! necklaces, and finished off by a scarf. As crazy as it sounds and looks, I can't take my eyes off them and can't stop dreaming of JCREW!!! May be that's what keeps us coming back to the website and looking over their catalogs longing for more of Jcrew excitement! Bring it on Jcrew!

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