Thursday, September 17, 2009


J.Crew has added new fall styles! Check them now in new arrivals category on the I personally had to see everything in person, so of course I visited a store. I was in J.Crew on 5th avenue downtown and not all new styles were yet displayed but I was able to see newest items that are not even on the website yet (I wonder why not?). As always, I can't walk out empty handed out of any J.crew store; by the way I figured this out, it's like I go to a land of makebelieve and I have to bring a souvenir back with me to real life!!! I managed to buy a pair of Matchstick cords in vintage black (grey pair is still on my wishlist), a dream self shawl cardigan in grey (btw the softest knit fabric with cashmere and style are AMAZING! "not quite a jacket but more than a sweater") and a Carolyn ruffle cardigan in dust lavender that I can't seam to find online yet.
So far I'm very happy with new FALL arrivals and can't get enough of JCREW!!!


ina said...

love the cardigan you bought. its on promo now.
i have not bought any new arrivals yet, but will soon.
i like to get the tissue ruffle shirt and the studded belt.

Sofia said...

Can you believe I paid full price for the cardigan and the next day realized its on promo online!!! Well, J.crew had a call from me and adjusted my Jcrew card accordingly =) Thank God for their excellent customer service, but i'm somewhat annoyed over different prices online and in stores!

Sofia said...

As far as your wishlist ina: i love anything with ruffles!!! And i actually had to go back to jcrew online to check out the newest studded belt! I haven't seen those yet but looks promising, very different and edgy for Jcrew =)