Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Latest "Obsessions"

Ok so here are some looks from my recent order...I think I went crazy with that 20%OFF cardholder's discount. It seams to me that I pretty much ordered everything from each category. I know I need help but the fellow Jcrew Obsessed friends could relate to me, right? I hope =) I just couldn't wait to put my hands on these beautiful FALL New arrivals: the cashmere sweaters, cords, pencil skirts....Ahhhhh. So here are the pics of my "outfits put together under 5 minutes", and I mean it, that's all my hubby had patience for...can't blame him. Sorry, but my 4 year old HAD to be part of the fashion show as well, nothing pretty much goes on anymore without her being in the center of attention but she is also wearing Jcrew Crewcuts flip flops and a tshirt dress. Don't you just love her poses, though! She is a rock star, this one, toooo funny =))) At least my other one is only 7 months old, but oh boy what's ahead of me...
 I have on a tweed pencil skirt in navy and the newest polka dot silk ruffle cami.

I ordered a matching Vintage Tweed Jacket in Navy to go with a skirt but I'm not feeling it...too boxy maybe? it's a pretty thick tweed material.
 My latest obsession is this Betsy sweater in Heather Aqua...just LOVE how soft it is (blend of cashmere and wool) paired with a pleated merino skirt. I think this skirt is rather flattering.
 Here I paired the merino skirt with a Cambridge Shoulder Zip crewneck sweater and a Jcrew patent leather belt (from a few seasons ago)...I think the all-over-camel color (Jenna's Do's =) is pretty nice. I would definetly wear it like that.
 This is the Hadley sweater in Heather graphite with button detail on the shoulders....not sure about this one... it's a pretty heavy weave not your soft cudly type of a sweater. I paired it with this season's toothpick cords with ankle zippers in Navy (had to size up 1 size this year in them but still fit into my old one's from last year...go figure) and suede Metropolitan ankle booties from last year.

Love this color!!!! This is a cashmere boyfriend cardigan in Bright Dahlia. So soft and the fit is not boxy at all very fitted but true to size. I'm wearing size M here and btw all my sweaters are size M. Also, have on my favority Jcrew pearl necklace with a black ribbon tie. 

 Here I have on Minnie pants in twill black (love) and the latest Italian Cashmere Shawl cardigan (item#42261P) in Heather Grey. Sooo soft and drapes very nicely, I showed a different way to drape it in the next pic.
Sooo, that's all the time I had so far....but I promise there is more in my closet =))))))) I am after all JcrewObsessed =))) stay tuned......


Anonymous said...

Hi, my favorite outfits are the ones w/ the minnies, specifically w/ the cashmere cardigan and the gray pullover. I do not like open cardigans so I will abstain from voting on the last outfit. I love the blouse/skirt outfit but not with the matching jacket. The merino skirt outfit is a keeper also. I like both pieces. Your daughter is very cute.

Ema said...

Hi! The merino skirt is a keeper for sure, very flattering on you. All the sweaters with the exception of the grey crewneck look good so it depends on what you need (my preference is the cashmere cardigan in bright dahlia). I would definitively return the tweed jacket though, the cut is too boxy. Hope it helps!

Caitlin said...

I'm not too crazy about the tweed jacket or the Hadley Sweater. Love the tweed pencil and the merino pleated skirt though!

jcrewJR said...

Love all the outfits especially last two, not crazy about matching tweed jacket. btw thanks for the corduroy pants you chose for me, what would i do without my personal shopper assistant ;)