Friday, February 5, 2010


Ok, so I couldn't help but to notice J.crew's newest styling tip: buttoned up colar shirt with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt over it. I'm totally digging it. I love it. Somehow, I know that this combination we saw before in J.crew catalogs (refer to November 09) but the difference is that shirts weren't buttoned up and had a more relaxed feel to it. This is more of my taste. Very European with its sleek and strict look. The buttoned up version definitely makes it more put together and the trick is that you are still pairing it with a simple item like a t-shirt. It pairs well with jeans as well as a pencil skirt. I love it and absolutely will try this styling tip.
*Suckered gingham perfect shirt $69.50 item 23310 paired with Wool Jaspe Open crewneck tee sweatshirt item 23334T $49.50 with Unagi tweed pencil skirt item 22970T $115.
*Stripe three quarter sleeve stretch shirt item 12072T on sale now $45 paired with Hand-cut flower tee item 23713T $45 with vintage slim jean in painter wash item 23397T $168.
I can't wait to place a new order and finally get my hands on these!!!! It'll add a new look to my otherwise ruffled and sequined wardrobe =)

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