Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Spring items are in stores!!!!

I made sure to check out my closest J.Crew store for its new items and I have to say I expected a much brighter palette for the spring - slightly disappointed by its pastels. But J.Crew is staying true to its roots: wide selection of cardigans (my absolute favorite obsession), soft tees and belts. In fact, I was even pleasantly surprised, there were so many things to choose from. There were soft tees, embellished neckline tees, romantic tees with floral design in soft pastel colors of pink, white, green and gray. I was happy to see summer v-neck cardigans made from very light 100% cotton, 3/4 sleeve, fitted, with decorative glass buttons in what seamed like 10 different colors, I tried those on and the fit was great! Another great item that caught my attention was tuxedo cami: made of cotton this cami has a pleated front with ruffles at neckline for a very sophisticated look. It is available in several colors from white to pink and even something spring-pretty in between. The newest belts of the season are silk with flower embellishments. Overall, I was very excited after my visit to the store. It lifted my spirits and filled me with spring air so I can't wait to see these items available online to hear every one's comments.

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