Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jenna Lyons in Aspen for a fashion week

OMG! Here is a picture I found on Aficionada blog from Garance Dore fashion blog of Jenna Lyons. I just had to post it here because look how stunning Jenna looks....!!! She was spotted in Aspen for a fashion week checking out outerwear boutiques. The picture is really awesome, don't you think? Jenna always manages to look stylishly put together in that i-don't-try-hard way. A simple tee with cuffed blue-wash jeans, paired with a long striped scarf belted at the waist of course (a true Jcrew style) and a black relaxed jacket (sleeves rolled up of course). And notice how she is wearing high heel sandals with socks (another Jcrew staple). But the best of all- is of course her CHANEL BAG!!! Lets all take a moment and just admire Jenna in this picture... It really shows a talented young woman who has accomplished a lot, knows her personal style and has A LOT of American women watching her every step to try to look like her. I just love it.

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