Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Arrivals are in stores!!!!

I want to report on my latest visit to a J.Crew Manhattan store to check out these new summer arrivals. There were not that many of the newest things (that are not available online yet) in stores. The stores are full of June items: the ruffle dresses, ruffle swirl tanks, vintage slim boyfriend jeans, tuxedo front ruffle camis, featherweight summer cardigans and etc, basically exactly what the latest June catalog has to offer. I did spot the newest arrivals and the color theme seams to be NAVY. The pieces felt more classic, not as many ruffles, as the previous season and more "grown-up". Typical J.Crew pencil skirts, mini skirts and tops out of print fabric in "almost fall" colors of navy and brown. I have to say that I noticed J.Crew does a lot of navy which means only one thing that it's their "new black", but seriously as one of the J.Crew personal shoppers shared with me, it's their best selling color. The pieces are definitely worth checking out especially if, like me, you feel that ruffles - the choice of almost every single spring/summer collection item- are getting to be plaid out.
Let me know what you think and share your ideas.

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