Monday, August 29, 2011


Here are just a few of the newest items that I saw that I haven't yet seen in catalog or online. The emphasis was definitely on the turquoise color as you can see in the later images. The color is gorgeous, especially in the Betsy sweater and paired well with the Vintage Tweed skirt in Navy. A lot of tweed (skirts, wool cafe capri, shorts), turquoise and gold all over the store! The first images is of a newest tweed jacket black/grey and white combo with chain detailing on the pockets, if you look closer you can see it. The tweed is much thinner than the Vintage tweed jacket and so as the price ~$250. Images #2 and #3 are dresses might not be the newest but none the less caught my eye on the print. The red/white print was also available in a sleeveless cami (cute). Image #4 is my favorite, a silk/chiffon polka dot cami with ruffle stand up collar, sooo adorable that was paired with grey wool trousers. The last two images I took are on how to style the Betsy sweater in the beautiful Heather Aqua. Paired with a perfect shirt or the Blythe blouse in Extravagant Green seems is the way to go. And by the way Mona pumps were EVERYWHERE!!! In all colors!! I get it Jcrew this shoe would pair up perfectly with your Fall 2011 collection! Got it!
I'm sure everyone would like to know what I walked out with, and of course I can never walk out empty handed, even if I don't find anything upon my first round around the store, I have to make a second round, this time with my heart racing fast and adrenaline know the feeling i'm sure. =) Well, I bought the polka dot cami, the Betsy sweater in Heather Aqua and the toothpick cords with ankle zippers in navy. Love, love, love!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the plaid flair skirt, now I'm torn between that one and the rose print one.

jcrewobsession said...

I know this year's Fall collection is awesome!