Friday, May 21, 2010


I just noticed a new category under women's shop on "back by popular demand". It's a page of mixed items including shirts, tees, sparkly tops, pants, jewerly and shoes. What seams strange to me is that those items are available on the website in theri own respective categories, these are not items from previous seasons that will now be available exclusively online. What's the purpose of this back by popular demand category? And, one more thing, listed in there is a vintage bateau top with stripes that Jenna Lyons wore to an Oprah show, and guess what? It's not available until August! So how is that back by popular demand? Eventhough, I have to say i love that top and own both colors. Customer service found it for me over the phone in stores in LA and TX. So if you are interested in anything that's backordered online try their customer service by phone and you might get lucky!

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